Interviews at ESTEC Noordwiijk

Discussions at ESTEC Noordwiijk for behavioral studies of S. roscoffensis in a gravity centrifuge to observe the behavior of S. roscoffensis at high gravities, and in a weightlessness tower, a test facility to simulate weightlessness through free fall, which achieves microgravity levels – as low as 0.000001 G – in collaboration with the Space Lab at Waag Future Lab.

E.Chardronnet, S. Bülher and M. Minder visit the MELiSSA project of the European Space Agency in Barcelona and Noordwijk (Nl).

Ewen Chardronnet meets in Ljubljana the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts with Dragan Zivadinov of the Delak Institute (PostGravityArt) about the development of the scientific mission of the UMBOT::MG project

Presentation @ CNAM (Paris)

J-P Blanchard presenting Roscosmoe and Open Clinostat 3D at Forum Fédération / Open Space Makers, CNAM, Paris, 4-5 October, 2019

Bio:Cosmism @ Stars City

Bio:cosmism, satellite deployment protocols, Star City, 11-17 July 2019

Presentation @ HEAD (Geneva)

E. Chardronnet presenting Roscosmoe at Spacecrafts and Alien Physics in Orbit, HEAD, Genève, 28 Jan. 2019


Presentation @ SpaceUp (Toulouse)

Ewen Chardronnet presenting Roscosmoe at SpaceUp / Open Space Makers conference (with CNES), Toulouse, 23 June 2018