Sandra Bühler

Sandra Bühler is a filmmaker and new media artist with a focus on documentary filmmaking and experimental animation. After completing her studies as graphic designer in Zurich, Switzerland, she turned towards movingimages as well as audio-visual performances and studied experimental film in Berlin, Tokyo and LA.2017 she received a Master of Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts. Through experimental, essayistic, docu-fictional technics she questions the contructed „nature“ of images as well as realities in general. She likes to work on the boundaries of conceptual thoughts especially between human and nonhuman and its politics. Hence in the last years she developed a strong interest in non-humanity, perspectivism, animism and mythology. In her practice she strives towards social-cultural exchange, sustainable interaction and close engagement with communities. She co-created various community based art projects around the world, working with marginalized groups as well as dense nature.

Sandra collaborated with Maya Minder by realizing the photos, the film making and editing of Green Open Food Evolution during this residency.