Nicolas Floc’h

Nicolas Floc’h is a visual artist who works on artificial reefs and natural marine habitats, with a particular focus on landscapes and their transformation in the face of global change. His works are anchored in reality, bringing into play collaborative and evolutionary processes in which the living plays an essential role. He teaches at the École européenne supérieure de Bretagne-Site de Rennes. During his visit to Roscoff with the project B.O.A.T. (Boat Of Artistic Research Trip), he proposed to analyze the notion of landscape from the underwater world. A questioning going from the artificial reefs of Europe to Asia, from the TARA expedition in Japan to the creeks of the Mediterranean or in Brittany where he develops his research.

On the occasion of the stopover of the EESAB school boat in the port of Bloscon in Roscoff, Nicolas Floc’h presented the B.O.A.T. project with the students of the semester.

Boat Of Artistic Research Trip

B.O.A.T. is made up of artistic and pedagogical research carried out on board an old trawler called “Le grand largue”. Within the framework of the increased attention paid to the economy of the sea for the last ten years, this ship participates in the revelation of numerous facets of Brittany, endowed with exceptional marine and coastal resources. It is designed as a mobile workshop, a sort of annex of the European School of Art of Brittany (EESAB) which allows students and invited creators to consider their practice in a transversal setting: art and science, art and maritime economy, design and renewable energies… The marine environment is a very strong vector of imagination. By confronting its economic and environmental issues and experiencing life on board, these students and creators will be able to initiate proposals: views, stories, objects … to form a broader set of knowledge.

This project is the initiative of three teaching artists from EESAB, Nicolas Floc’h (Art), Erwan Mével (Design) and Jocelyn Cottencin (Communication).
The semester “B.O.A.T® – Demain l’Océan -EESAB”, supervised by Nicolas Floc’h, allows students to meet scientists and workers of the sea. From January to June, they are invited to develop a group work on the implementation of work protocols related to the artistic exploration of the ocean and its areas of influence. This multi-disciplinary laboratory project allows students to understand how the ocean is at the heart of the issues and transformations of the contemporary world, through the discovery and appropriation of methodologies specific to other professional fields.