Vincent Pouplard

After studying sociology and photography, Vincent Pouplard moved toward experimental film and performances mixing music and images as part of the duo Angelopoulos. In parallel, from 2004-2009, he produced and coordinated visually themed educational projects for Makiz’art in Nantes. In 2010, he directed Le Silence de la Carpe, his first documentary film. Since then, Vincent’s films have been shown in festivals worldwide, as well as in intermediary film spaces in France and in Europe. After touring the festival circuit, his film Pas comme les loups was released in movie theaters in spring 2017, to both commercial success and critical acclaim. He has also given master classes at festivals (Arcueil, Premiers Plans, Périphérie, Mellionnec…) and within academic programs (EHESS, Paris 8 University, Nantes, Angers, Lussas Documentary School…) As a film director and cinematographer, he collaborates closely with other artists in the fields of visual arts, contemporary writing and performing arts, as well as organizations such as La Maison de la Poésie de Nantes, Stereolux and BAL, a museum of documentary images in Paris.

In 2016, PiNG’s 1.CAMP project hosted artists, citizens and researchers to exchange perspectives on the Anthropocene and its impact on terrestrial ecosystems. In April, artists Špela Petrič, Robertina Šebjanič and Carole Thibaud participated in a monthlong residency at the Biological Station in Roscoff. PiNG invited filmmaker Vincent Pouplard to personally document this residency.